Individual Rehabilitation Services

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Individual Rehabilitation Services

The clinic offers one-on-one treatment sessions with our clinicians. These sessions are based on an individualized treatment plan created in collaboration with the client following the Initial Assessment interview.

Individual sessions can be with one professional, or at times with two or more professionals in the same session – co-therapy. The advantage of co-therapy is that the client benefits from intervention from each of the clinicians, but in a shorter time. These sessions are recommended when the team feels that the client would particularly benefit from the functional aspect of this type of session.

Interventions sessions last approximately one hour, although a half-session is possible, depending on the patient’s needs. Sessions are offered in our individual treatment rooms, or may be offered in client’s homes (*special fees apply).

Individual service interventions might focus on:

  • Balance and mobility
  • Fine and gross motor coordination
  • Upper limb function
  • Retraining or compensation for cognitive/perceptual abilities
  • Retraining to activities of daily living (personal care, productivity, return to work)
  • Physical reconditioning after an illness
  • Rehabilitation of speech (articulation, motor speech, voice), oral and written language, and swallowing
  • Assessment of hearing, auditory processing (APD) and auditory rehabilitation
  • Hearing aids, accessories and assistive listening devices sales and consultations

Our clinic offers the LSVT LOUD®, LSVT eLOUD®, and LSVT BIG® programs. LSVT LOUD and LSVT BIG are intensive rehabilitation programs that are designed to help with voice and motor symptoms affected by Parkinson’s disease. Please follow this link ( to the LSVT Global website for more information on these specialized rehabilitation programs.