Valerie MetcalfeOccupational Therapist

    Graduate of the University of Ottawa from the Occupational Therapy program in 1997, and Master’s of Health Science in 2017, Valerie has been a Clinician and Educator at the Interprofessional Clinic since 2012. In this position she is able to combine her two passions – adult neurological rehabilitation and training the next generation of occupational therapists, all while working as part of a dynamic team.

    Her rehabilitation interests focus on motor learning, occupational balance and cognitive rehabilitation, most particularly with persons who have had a stroke, post-concussion, or living with Parkinson’s disease. She is a certified to deliver the LSVT BIG® program for Parkinson’s rehabilitation.

    Valerie is a part-time professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Ottawa since 2015. She is also involved at times in the clinical aspects of research projects run by the University of Ottawa. Prior to working at the Interprofessional Clinic, Valerie worked for 13 years on the rehabilitation programs at the Bruyere Continuing Care Centre.



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    Book Chapter/Chapitre de livre

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