Karen GiannandreaSpeech Language Pathologist

    Karen is a fully bilingual (English-French) Speech-Language Pathologist, experienced in working with both adults and children in a variety of settings and service delivery models, including schools, acute care and rehabilitation, and in the community. At the Interprofessional Clinic at Perley Rideau, Karen provides rehabilitation services to our adult clientele.  She is experienced in assessing and treating a variety of speech-language pathology client populations including individuals with the following:

    • Acquired language impairment (aphasia);
    • Neurodegenerative speech and language disorders (i.e. resulting from Parkinson Disease and other progressive neurological diagnoses)
      • Karen is an LSVT LOUD® certified clinician;
    • Cognitive-communication impairments (i.e. resulting from Concussion/Traumatic Brain Injury or other causes);
    • Acquired motor speech (articulation) disorders, including apraxia and dysarthria;
    • Dysfluency (stuttering); and
    • Dysphagia (swallowing disorders).


    As a Clinical Educator, Karen also supervises Speech-Language Pathology Masters students completing their clinical placements at the Clinic.