Josée MeunierOccupational Therapist

    Returning to the clinic, Josée Meunier is happy to return to the pediatric clientele and support the university students in their training.  During the one and a half years of absence, Josée worked for le Centre d’appui et de prévention (centre le CAP).  She helped set up the program called La Boussole at Le Collège la Cité.  This program provides access to accommodations, counselling, and accessible learning for students.

    Josée Meunier is an Occupational Therapist who graduated from the University of Ottawa in 2000. She has been a Clinical-Educator at the clinic since 2008. Josée focuses on children’s unique needs by implementing various strategies and interventions to enhance their quality of life/level of functioning.  Josée has many years of experience working with children who struggle with learning (academic and motor), emotional regulation, anxiety, sensory processing, and energy regulation. She uses principles from a variety of approaches such as cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness, emotional freedom techniques, cognitive orientation to daily occupation, acceptance and commitment therapy, sensory processing, motor learning, regulation approach, developmental approach, and various neurological theory.

    Josée takes an active part in various research projects and intervention programs to increase knowledge and resources in this field. Josée has been a part-time professor at the University of Ottawa since 2010. She also does public speaking to increase awareness about the effects of technology on children’s learning and on emotional/sensory/physical/spiritual development.  Prior to the clinic, Josée worked as an Occupational Therapist in a rehabilitation centre and a hospital. She also worked as a consultant in a private firm for injuries following a car accident, and as a home care case manager.