Caroline (Carlie) VidalPhysiotherapist

    Carlie Vidal has 15 years of experience as a registered physiotherapist. Her passion is working in neurological rehabilitation with children and adults, in particular, with those who have had stroke, a head injury or live with cerebral palsy. She has a special interest in working with infants and young children with developmental delays. She is distinguished for her ability to work with infants and young children with developmental delays, and/or torticollis. Inspired by ongoing education, and her two young sons, Carlie believes in comprehensive evaluations, evidence-based practice, and fun, play-based interventions.

    Carlie completed her Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy at Queen’s University in 2003 and a Master’s of Rehabilitation Science at the University of British Columbia in 2013. She has worked at the Interprofessional Clinic since 2009, and previously worked in community clinics, inpatient rehabilitation, schools and group homes, in both Ontario and Nunavut. Carlie also has professional interests in clinical education and global health. She has worked as a physiotherapist and clinical educator in Haiti, Sierra Leone and Honduras, and continues to provide clinical education to physiotherapy students from the University of Ottawa.

    Foundational training includes the Neuro-Developmental Treatment Approach (NDTA) and Certificate and Advanced Bobath courses (IBITA).

    Some of my favorite courses:

      1. Maximize Neuroplasticity and Minimize Maladaptive Habits in Children, Teens and Adults with Cerebral Palsy, Pia Stampe PT & Mindy Silva PT, 2020
      2. Infant Torticollis & Plagiocephaly for Physical Therapists, Rebecca Allen, 2019
      3. It’s the Little Things that Count: An introduction for Dynamic Core for Kids and Application to Baby Treatment, Shelley Mannell, 2019
      4. Early Identification of Motor and Cognitive Delays in Infants, CPA webinar, 2019
      5. Brain Injury Canada National Conference, 2018
      6. Evaluation and Treatment of Respiratory Function in Neurological Disorders, CPA, 2018
      7. The Challenge of Continence in Kids with Challenges, Shelley Mannell & Julie Wiebe, 2018
      8. Approche Spécialisée: Rééducation Vestibulaire, Nicole Paquet, 2018
      9. Neuro-Visual Processing Rehabilitation and Visual/Postural Dysfunction, Padula & Munitz, 2017
      10. Chedoke McMaster Stroke Assessment, McMaster University, 2013
      11. Advances in Neuroscience: Applications to Clinical Practice in Stroke, Martha Burns, 2012
      12. Recommended Physiotherapy Practices in Stroke Care, Marianne Thornton, 2012
      13. Function from the Inside Out, Shelley Mannell, 2012
      14. A practical course in balance and mobility tests and outcome measures for adults, OPA, 2012
      15. Core Restoration in Kids with Motor Challenges I & II, Shelley Mannell & Julie Wiebe, 2010
      16. Perspectives on Postural Control, Shelley Mannell & Charlene Cratt, 2008
      17. Recovery of Functional Walking, Advanced IBITA course (5 days), 2007
      18. If You Can’t Breathe You Can’t Function, Mary Massery, 2007
      19. An Introduction to Myofascial Release Techniques, Janet George, 2006
      20. Introduction to the Neuro-Developmental Treatment Approach (5 days), Kim Barthel, 2005
      21. Falling Into Place: Assembling the Pieces of Pediatric Therapy, Kim Barthel, 2005
      22. The Bobath Concept: Assessment and Treatment of Adult Hemiplegia (15 days), IBITA, 2005
      23. Sarhman Level I, 2004
      24. Manual Therapy Level I, 2003