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Once we receive a completed referral form, one of our administrative team members will contact you to arrange an Initial Intake appointment. This initial appointment may be completed by any of the Clinic’s professionals. It is an intake session to gather relevant medical information and establish client goals that are essential to ensure client driven assessments and interventions.

Also during that first phone contact, the team member may ask you for additional information, or to send ahead forms or documents which will allow you to be better prepared for your first appointment.

Please bring with you:

  • A current medication list (if applicable)
  • Any assessment reports that you have related to the reason for your referral. This could include psychology, school, medical, or other professional reports
  • It is recommended that you be accompanied by a parent or caregiver during the intake session

Upon arrival, hand in any extra documentation that you have brought with you. The evaluation team will meet with you to explain how the clinic works, go through the evaluation process and answer any questions you may have. The evaluation team is composed of at least one of the clinic’s professionals, plus one or more students, representing the same or different professions.

The goals of the Initial Assessment are:

  • To get to know you and your specific needs
  • Gather information needed by the whole team once, so that you do not need to repeat basic information about your story and issues with each professional you may work with
  • Gather comprehensive information, so that the individual professionals will be able to target and streamline their evaluations to only those necessary in your particular condition
  • Discover and define your specific treatment goals, identifying the team members who are best suited to provide you service
  • Create a team treatment plan – so that all members of the team are working together towards the same goals – your goals

Following the Initial Assessment interview, a treatment plan will be proposed and discussed with you regarding the types of services and frequency of visit recommendations. On subsequent visits, you will be seen by the appropriate professionals and their students. Sometimes interventions will be done by the clinician with students observing to learn techniques. Other times, students will be doing the interventions under the supervision of the clinician.

When advanced students have mastered skills, they may perform the interventions without the therapist in the room; this will always be discussed with you, and would only happen if the therapist felt the student could independently manage the skill or intervention.

The Interprofessional Clinic is pleased to provide direct billing to third party insurances for physiotherapy and speech language pathology services. Direct billing for audiology and occupational therapy services are not currently available. Please contact the clinic for more information.

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    The Interprofessional Clinic is located within Perley Health. Regular hours of operation are from 8:00AM to 4:00PM.